27 Mart 2010 Cumartesi

Next year plans.

Except from being lay rescuer and protecting myself from tragic events. There were very good news. I decided to work on Haptic Affect LOop (HALO) project with Gordon under supervision of Karon Maclean and Joanna Mcgrenere. I'm now a member of SPIN lab and  I'm so exited to work and develop my ideas and definitely publish in conferences. Now looking back to just one year, there are major shifts in my interests and what I do.

I'm again get ahead of myself and decided to go aboard for volunteering after the day I graduate from UBC. There is Volunteer Abroad program, which you can chose to volunteer in many poor countries Ecuador, Peru, Nepal or Ghana. I think I'm going to go to Ghana :). I need to read and learn more about Ghana of course and volunteering is a important commitment independent of how you decide to help. There are wide range of possibilities construction, teaching, caring..  I hopefully assume to be there for two months October and February 2011. If you like visit: volunteerabroad.ca

Did I mentioned that there is great opportunity for working at a farm at UBCFarm ? You can also volunteer at UBC farm during the summer for lots of jobs from beekeeping to chicken nest cleaning and of course basic farming. Its going to be an awesome experience.

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