5 Kasım 2009 Perşembe

What a year!

2009 is almost ending and it was been hell of year even now. Where did i left and where is it now?

I left Koc IUI after my graduation [13 Jun 2009] and had a amazing , wonderful graduation present. A trip to France, Barcelona and Italy. Me and Deren went to places that we had read in our ARHA 322 course, and take a little sun break at southern France which was one the best places I have ever been. During the mid of summer we came back and I started to prepare for Canada. It was interesting that some people were more exited about my going back to UBC than me! I guess it was something I wasn't 100% sure too. Anyway! I landed to Vancouver in mid August and luckly found a residence at marine drive. Went to Seattle to see my sister for weeks and come back to school.

So far, it has been really busy full 2 months. I remember sleeping in the office few days or even staying up all night at dorm. It was something I am used to do but it gets harder every time. And now I also have responsibilities to my students that I'm TA'ing. So it is important to be awake during all day. I'm still working hard(for myself), learning really interesting stuff and increasing my skills in different areas (like team work)! Overall TA'ing and invigilating exams is so much fun, classes and projects require really hard work and long working hours. Furthermore, if I also want to accomplish or add some other values on my own it gets really hard. But I believe that all this work is going to pay off and I'll remember my these hard days as something I wanted and liked to do.

During my 3 moths here I also realized that I wasn't a lonely tiger. My days with better relationships with my family , friends and Deren were effecting my whole day or even weeks. It was something that I wouldn't even believe few months ago. My emotional state wasn't also effected by friends and family but also by me. I bought my first chef knife during my second month here and started to find happiness and relaxation while cooking. I was a great way disconnecting myself from my assignments troubles and even depressions. It was something I deeply desire and wanted to learn more. While weather was shining I was going to save-on-foods to buy groceries almost couple times a week. But now its harder for me to find time for that.

I don't know why this monologue is named 'what a year' eventhough we still have two months. As an intelligent guess it might be caused by starbucks release of Christmas cups.

I still do like to drink good wine , having some nachos with interesting beer, chatting with extraordinary people about crazy ideas and our shared knowledge, cooking for myself and for people I like to know more, working (reasonable hours) and learning. UBC, Vancouver, London, Turkey is still sometimes punching me and making me smile at the same time! Life is still worth living and exploring and most of the time enjoying if you are willing to!

hope to stay connected
au revoir

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