11 Kasım 2009 Çarşamba

Can't control my hands

I guess I am swelled up around these days so that I can not hold myself writing on a paper or here! However this time it is somewhat different. I feel like my hands are aspiring to express something, but my mind can not control them and I can't write something meaningful.

I watched the movie 'Sweet November' on the tuesday night after cooking some meat and later two chocolate soufflés. It was an emotional movie for me and sometimes I lost myself in that perfect world. After few hours watching movie, I was still in its spell that I didn't realized it was too good to be true. I never met people like Sara who can pull you out from an augmented reality and show you what you are truly capable of. She was totally an extraordinary person but not real. She had principals, pride, strength and patience -she was also very good looking but this has got noting to do with it's reality- but ....

I was going to end this sentence but I believe I am too young to complete it. I hope I'll never be able to complete it because I do still want to believe in Sara. Life is too short to wait, and to fast grasp all.

I seriously want and need to go somewhere where no one can reach me as well as I can contact them at least for a year. I know that this will only slowdown life in my eyes and will not change anything. So why do I want to do it then ..?

Maybe I should also consider keeping this blog private?

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