14 Kasım 2009 Cumartesi

A must-have list of a typical grad

  1. big chunk of ice cream - there should always at least one while depressed with work
  2. pack of tea or coffee - for sleepless night before deadlines
  3. pasta - for cooking during the sleepless nights again
  4. addictive tv series - there is always one although you won't need it
  5. pair of extra glasses - in case being out of lenses and throwing last one
  6. good friend outside of school - when life sucks, you don't want to see anyone from school
  7. emergency market - to buy something late night such as pack of cigarettes, coke, ice cream, coffee
  8. lots of photos of loved ones - to keep yourself sane and reminding a backup plan of going back home
  9. place to drink on friday nights - fridays are always best for drinking
  10. headache pill - you never know when you need it

will add few more if found necessary.

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