26 Kasım 2009 Perşembe

Almost finished

Yes! 5 months have been pasted! Incredible and amazing! If I wanted to partition these months it will be so easy:
August - Holiday
September - Introduction
October - Questioning & Regretting
November - Conceding & Hard Working
December - (Expected) More hard working ...

Now I'm writing some of the stuff that will finalize most of my works the course because there is no final exam. Nevertheless, I do have two final exams one from 505 and 344 (ehhh!) And still have to finish two projects and one assignment. I learnt a lot and explored both myself and revealed another 6 months of my future. My expectations and decisions are starting to take more shape and I'm so glad for that.

I'm flying to New York on 20th December and I have no doubt that holiday is going to be a great energy refill for me! More fun and work will be waiting for me in Vancouver. I can't believe that now I have spent the same time as in my exchange. If you'll ask me, I probably had chance to do only 25% of things this time compared to 2007. Next term I'm expecting courses to be more balanced! Will seee! I'm guessing that I won't be writing here until January.

Happy new year! Happy 2010!!

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